What Do We Do?

“One of the greatest challenges of any Christian leader is to realize that it is not the teacher that defines who or where students are as well as who or where they need to be, but it is Christ and Christ alone who claims that right. We use creation and community as an environment to allow growth to occur. We teach wilderness skills so that students can continue to use this environment to deepen their growth. We teach leadership, to show the students how to usher others into that life-altering growth in Christ.”

David Copeland, Previous Explore Co-Director


Students spend half of each writing help uk semester in Three Hills at Prairie Bible Institute, and the other half at Camp Bighorn in Plains, MT. While on the Prairie campus, students are engaged in full time Biblical studies including class such as Intro to Theology, Jesus and the Gospels and Thinking and Writing. Explore then travels to Camp Bighorn at the beginning of each semester to continue their education through wilderness training including climbing, kayaking, rafting, skiing, backpacking, and more.

What We Offer (1, 2 or 4 years)

Explore is offered as a 1-year (Certificate), 2-year (Associate) or 4-year (Bachelor Degree) program. With technical training and internship opportunities, each continuing year provides a unique challenge with leadership and responsibility. Click here for more details on how to continue in the 2nd and 4 year program.

Program Objectives

Bible and Ministry Training

• Articulate the foundational doctrines and themes of Scripture.

• Analyze various worldviews, identify and understand the strength of the Christian worldview and demonstrate biblical thinking and character within a secular context.

• Exhibit a consistent godly character and demonstrate obedience to God and His Word.

• Understand and practice the dynamics of healthy, biblical communication within a community.

• Commit to meaningful participation within your local church and take responsibility for your role within the global Body of Christ.

Leadership Development

• Grow in personal spiritual disciplines and a deeper relationship with God

• Understand and practice the dynamics of healthy, Biblical communication within a community.

• Recognize and apply your personal gifts for the benefit of others.

• Disciple others to integrate spiritual truth into their lives.

Wilderness Skills Training

• Communicate, work, and lead effectively in a ministry team using wilderness adventure as a tool for Christian ministry and evangelism.

• Experience the value of outdoor adventure for spiritual and personal development.

• Organize, lead, and teach a variety of outdoor skills at a foundational level.

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