Meet the Directors

Dennis & Hannah Landon, Exlore Directors

Dennis & Hannah have a long history with the Explore Program.  They arrived to Prairie as students in the 2004-2005 school year, and became friends. Hannah completed the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry | Outdoor Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies and then began to direct Explore in 2008. Dennis completed a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry | Outdoor Leadership at Prairie and also worked toward his Journeyman’s Ticket in agricultural mechanics. Dennis was hired to direct the Explore program in 2011. Although, initially, both insisted that they had no romantic interest in one another, Dennis’ and Hannah’s  friendship became “something more,” leading to their wedding at a Montana farm  in June 2012.

Both enjoy the opportunity to be part of God’s work in developing young Christian leaders, and appreciate the adventures that they share with students and Interns. In the winter, Dennis and Hannah spend as much time telemark skiing as possible. Hannah likes to read, enjoys philosophy and poetry, and is teaching herself how to sew clothes and quilts. Dennis also enjoys reading. He is also a long-time motorbike rider, listens to interesting podcasts and likes DIY household building projects.  They hope to one day own a VW Westfalia van that they can take on skiing and camping adventures.

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