“Building the next generation of leaders.”

The Explore program’s vision is to cultivate kingdom leaders.  The roles of experiential education, Biblical study, and reflection, are all integral parts of the curriculum, but a role not yet mentioned is that of an intern.  Explore interns play a crucial role in building the next generation of leaders.

The responsibilities of an Explore intern are threefold: relational presence, teaching/facilitating, and administrating the program.  When first year Explore students enter the year they are immediately placed in teams, each team led by two interns.   As the students experience the challenges, events, and assignments of the year the intern leads their team, fostering good communication, conflict resolution, and intentionally step into relationship with each student all throughout the year.  Those in their second year of internship are Sr. interns; the Sr. focuses on teaching, and is responsible to teach the wilderness skills with the Camp Bighorn staff, as well as lead their team with their partner Jr. intern.  The Sr. designs lesson plans, teaches, evaluates and give feedback to students.  In the meantime, while the Sr. teaches rock climbing, the Jr. facilitates the metaphor learned through the experience. Jr. interns–those in their first year of internship–are primarily responsible to facilitate their team throughout the experiences of the year.  The Jr. frontloads events, debriefs experiences, leads group discussions and Bible studies, and so on.  Sr. and Jr. interns work in a partnership in order to lead their team excellently.

Prairie has been praised for the degree of student involvement in the leadership of the school. All interns hold an administrative role in the Explore program.  They are trained, and spend hours working in the office with the Explore directors, and fellow interns.  Whether the intern is developing promotional material, planning recreational and educational events, improving curriculum, or communicating class details with professors, they are hard at work inside and outside.


Explore intern team of 2013-2014, from right to left: Abigail, Sr. Intern, Travis, Sr. Intern, Challen, Sr. Intern, Frank, Jr. Intern, Kate, Jr. Intern, and Jared, Jr. Intern

According to a study by NOLS (, the instructor plays a vital role in the transfer of learning—that is, any teaching that stays past regurgitation—thus interns are not selected haphazardly.  Each individual Explore brings on as an intern is intentionally evaluated to affirm that the internship will be a good fit both for them and the program.

Our interns work hard throughout the school year with the Directors and students. Not only do they give of their time during the school year but also through the summer. One of the requirements for the internship is that each intern gives up two summers serving on Camp Bighorn’s volunteer summer staff. The Bighorn summer experience is a vital role in each interns personal development and as they prepare to welcome the students in the fall. With the desire to help our interns, we have created an Intern Scholarship fund. The hope is that this fund can cover the cost of room and board for each intern.

If you would like to have a part in building the next generation of leaders please consider the option of donating essays uk to our Intern Scholarship fund. Click on the applicable link below, select ‘Other’ in the Designation box, and specify ‘Explore Internship Fund’.


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