After Explore

Progression within the programs

A significant focus within our programs is the progression of moving students into deeper levels of skill development and leadership responsibilities.


Our accreditation by the ABHE and our degree granting authority from the province of Alberta means that your education can provide options in ministry, the marketplace and for future study.

Explore Wilderness & Leadership Certificate

The Explore Certificate program (1-year) sets a strong foundation of biblical Leadership and technical skills. In this year you focus on leading your fellow students with several opportunities to lead groups outside of the community as the year moves along. Through this process the community acts as a mirror in your life to help you better understand your strengths and gifting.

Associate of Arts in Ministry – Outdoor Leadership

Students completing the certificate program can choose to deepen their knowledge, skills and experiences through the Associate of Arts in Ministry – Outdoor Leadership program (2-year). This year will provide additional wilderness adventure for the outdoor enthusiast. Graduates of this program will have earned the credentials to be employed in the outdoor industry.

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry – Outdoor Leadership

Students will have the opportunity to become an intern with the program where you disciple and guide a team of first year students. The internship includes intensive discipleship and leadership training from the Explore Directors and Camp Bighorn staff. Interns are intricately involved in assisting with wilderness teaching and facilitation of the first year program. Internships can also be arranged with other wilderness organizations and camps if students desire. Graduates of this program will be prepared for a variety of ministry and career opportunities, seminary or graduate study.

Ministry & Career Opportunities

The skills and experiences that our students gain through our program translate into a variety of occupations, fields and ministry. Explore graduates often continue on to a variety of educational opportunities. Numerous grads of the first-year certificate program stay at Prairie to finish a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Leadership, or every other Prairie program. Other graduates move on to secular universities or trade schools, and are thankful for the foundations they received during their time at Prairie. Several of our graduates have gone on to pursue master’s degrees and doctorates in a variety of fields. Regardless of what our Explore grads do in their futures, many of them say that their time in Explore gave them incredible life, ministry and leadership skills that prepared them for their current pursuits.